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The Boom Events Calendar is an easy-to-use and responsive
event calendar app. You will find it suitable for

  • Scheduling your events

  • Getting RSVPs

  • Selling online tickets, and more.

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By BoomTech

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Main Features

Main Features

Besides the beautiful and modern design, Boom Calendar is a super functional app. The handy usage of the settings and non-stop development of fresh features is one of the key priorities for us.
Apart from the well-known app integrations, the calendar also supports several major features.

Calendar Views

Boom Calendar layouts are 6; Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Agenda, Card, and Map views. We tried to make them for every purpose so they would be handier to use.


With the Registration feature, users can start to manage the traffic of the event participant flow 10x easier. They can collect registrations, set guest limits, send the users' notification emails as soon as attendees register.

Sell Tickets

Along with the registration comes the Sell ticket feature. It is the freshest addition to our Calendar and one of the most useful ones. People can create and sell tickets for the events you have on your Calendar online, also can make free tickets just in case.

Add Event

Add event function is the best to boost the collaboration of the calendar owner and his users, where the Calendar owner lets his users to add their events to the Calendar.

Mobile App

Simply search and install our Boom Calendar app from App Store and Play Market to manage your event from your phone.

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